The library is interested in building a fair society in which there is a fair chance for all to grow, educate and succeed at their different economic levels.

Prosperity, progress and general well-being. Contributing to the opening of a place where useful books are circulated and creating opportunities for the exchange of views and information is today one of the most important educational paths with access to information and services online and modern technologies.

The library tries to develop effective reading programs for young people and polls in books they want to read or want to discuss. Libraries in general are a cultural indicator of society. The more libraries care, the better people will be. The importance of the library stems from the importance of reading and the importance of acquiring culture. The greater the interest of the individual, society and the state in culture and knowledge, the greater the role of reading, and the libraries are more frequent than other places in a particular country.

Nanar Library encourages free reading

Today, Nunar Library looks forward to a greater role than just encouraging free reading for all Malmö people. It seeks to hold many seminars, conferences and discussion sessions on various topics.

In the library there is also a place to display films, lectures and various fields.

Values :

  • Easy access, respect and justice
  • Assess individual needs, experiences and differences
  • Ensure and facilitate the free exchange of information and ideas in a democratic society, protect intellectual freedom and respect for the privacy of individuals
  • Provide excellent and responsive services

Nanaar Library has a large number of stories, novels, history books, poetry, theater and criticism
And integrated section of children’s literature in Arabic, Swedish and English. In addition to a new section dedicated to painting and book.