About Us

Through her career, Nenar has formed a strong bridge between Arab and European culture, through its contribution to the definition of Arabic and Scandinavian literature, through translation into and from the languages spoken in these cultures.

A number of Arab and Swedish writers and journalists contribute to its editing.

It plans to launch a translated book project aimed at introducing the Arabic culture to Swedish readers and Swedish culture to Arab readers, as well as encouraging the dissemination of knowledge and the values of enlightenment and acceptance of difference.

Gallery Nanar

A platform for fine artists to showcase their work in group or individual exhibitions, to develop their careers and to show the diversity of contemporary art in a wide range of styles, approaches, ideas and forms; in the arts of sculpture, sculpture, graphics, photography and handicrafts

The Gallery focuses on representing a group of artists whose versatile styles include painting, sculpture, video, photography and performance.

We maintain an in-depth inventory of masterpieces and strengthen long-term relationships with museums, private gatherings, art advisors and companies.

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Nanar Publishing House

Nunar is a publishing house in Sweden that works continuously to make a better impact on society

It publishes high quality literature, scientific books and books for children and young people

As well as foreign picture books and textbooks for young and old

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Educational center

Have you ever tried to co-read a book? Have you ever tried to co-read a book?

In Nannar, we open the Reading Club for you.
We deal in books and discussions and have knowledge.
Welcome to the Nannar club for reading

Do you want to involve your children in a drawing course?

We offer a specialized course with Sarah Al-Rodaini
We will learn to draw, plan and discover talent
Make your children dream with Nanar

Do you like folk dance?

The arts of folklore dance are versatile and beautiful
Register with us in a specialized course in which you will have fun and useful times led by coach Mohamed Al-Hissi

Do you want to participate in a swimming course?

Many of our girls and women are embarrassed about learning to swim in public swimming pools
We offer you, Madam, the best opportunity to learn to swim in specialized classes for women only and at appropriate times

Do you want to be a professional photographer?

We offer you a specialized course in photography arts led by coach Mohamed Hassan
Shooting steady and moving shots .. Visiting shots of lighting and consistency
Modern cameras, practical tours and graduation project

Do you want to learn English?

At Nannar, we offer you the best way to learn English or to improve your level
A specialized course in English led by the instructor
Alabbas Mani

Do you have the desire to learn computer programs?

At Nannar, we offer you courses in design software
Building websites and printed design
Welcome to Nannar ..

Do you want to enter the world of fantasy dolls?

In Nannar, we offer you a cycle of manufacturing and moving dolls
The magical world of puppets is a fantasy, not the most beautiful and skilled skills that only someone who possesses the desire and love of creativity can master it

Do you have the ambition to enter the Scandinavian cinema club?

Visual shows and movies with Dr. Hassan Al-Sudani
Films from Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland
Welcome to the cinema club in Nunar ..

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