Through her career, Nenar has formed a strong bridge between Arab and European culture, through its contribution to the definition of Arabic and Scandinavian literature, through translation into and from the languages spoken in these cultures.

A number of Arab and Swedish writers and journalists contribute to its editing.

It plans to launch a translated book project aimed at introducing the Arabic culture to Swedish readers and Swedish culture to Arab readers, as well as encouraging the dissemination of knowledge and the values of enlightenment and acceptance of difference.

It publishes high quality literary and scientific books, books for children and young people, as well as foreign picture books and textbooks for children and adults.

Nanar publishes a quarterly cultural magazine four times a year. Addressed to readers of Arab culture around the world and especially in Scandinavia. The first issue was published in 2013 and distributed to most Swedish libraries.

Nanar also organizes numerous professional cultural activities and art galleries at the Nanar Gallery, a platform for plastic artists to showcase their collective or individual works, to develop their careers and to show the diversity of contemporary art in a wide range of styles, approaches, ideas and forms in the arts of sculpture, sculpture, graphics, photography and handicrafts.

Nenar also launched the Sindbad website, a Swedish educational site dedicated to teaching Arabic to children and adolescents living in Sweden and European countries.

Accompanied by a set of activities and exercises designed to wish the student’s mental and manual abilities and refine his memory skills. The site texts have been selected from the European and Swedish environment in particular, which are appropriate to the progressive development of the student since the beginning of the education stage, these texts included a set of concepts and values ​​of intellectual, cognitive and behavioral. The study was followed by a series of deliberative meetings and scientific meetings on the problems facing the teaching of Arabic in Swedish schools and was subjected to the instructions of the central plan for the administration of the Swedish Schools Affairs Department.

Nanar collaborates with various partners and has an extensive network of contacts with various writers, poets and artists. Through its expertise, Nanar seeks to establish high quality local and international cultural activities

In the field of providing job opportunities for young people, we started working to achieve this through the support and matching program.

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Dr. Aseel Al Ameri


Lubna Yassin

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